The standard for every action, each business day

August 15

The standard for every action, each business day -

A mentor/friend made a significant statement to me me one day. He did this often and as usual a portion of the statement was at my expense. However, this one really caught my attention and I immediately recognized its worth.  I am paraphrasing here but the basis was “any activities or actions taken should benefit the client and the company.” 

Notice the order of that statement and why it is key. In my most recent role, we were in the process of establishing our identity and core values for the business. We were building our brand, defining who we are along with standards of performance. Very early in those sessions, I offered this same standard as a measurable for our company. 

Professionally,  I think achieving this measurable is one of the most rewarding examples of success. It means we have delivered value. It means we have met our standards. Those are significant results and they will be rewarded. 

Now I’d like to believe that throughout my career, I have performed in accordance with this standard. Nonetheless, it was something that I focused on more intensely every day after having that exchange. I hope this great example reinforces your daily efforts. I know you will enjoy the results, good luck! 

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